Top Incline Treadmill Benefits – What you could be missing

The incline treadmill benefits far exceed what you would reap from a flat treadmill. Not that anyone is against the flat treadmill but like they say in Africa, when you want to eat pork, choose the fattest swine ... well, when you have decided that you want a Charlize Theron body, better get the best gear for it.

Incline treadmill benefits at a glance

  • Incline treadmill benefits glutes - one of the strongest human muscles found in the buttocks.
  • Incline treadmill results are faster than flat treadmill results
  • Treadmill incline benefits abs - more fat is burned faster and the abs are exposed in less time.

A treadmill at home is very convenient. When you invest in a good treadmill, you do not have to worry about extreme weather or the timing of your workouts. Walking on a treadmill will help you build and tone your muscles, and burn fat depending on the intensity of your walks. You can get more incline treadmill results from your regular workouts if you walk on an incline. The top incline treadmill benefits are outlined below.

Image of incline treadmill

Major Incline Treadmill Benefits

Higher calorie burn

To enjoy the incline treadmill workout benefits, you do not require much energy to walk on smooth flat terrain on your treadmill. When you incline your treadmill, you will summon more energy to walk at the same pace or speed that you would on a flat treadmill. It is the same as walking incline vs. running really - when you run you lose more calories than when you walk. 

If your current weight is 160 pounds, you will burn about 145 calories in half an hour when walking on a treadmill at a speed of 4 mph. If you incline the treadmill by 5 percent, you will burn 243 calories. If you incline it further by 10 percent, you will burn up to 345 calories. You can see the amazing incline treadmill benefits. 

Faster muscle building

Treadmill exercises enable you to build and strengthen your leg muscles. Exercising on an incline treadmill increases the rate of muscle activation. You will build muscles on your glutes, calves, and hamstrings faster with an incline treadmill. To maximize the incline treadmill benefits for your leg muscles, set the treadmill at an incline higher than 15 percent.

Treadmill incline benefits abs too, and in a big way. You know how stubborn belly fat can be. However, not when you increase the intensity of your run or walk on an inclined treadmill. 

Increased heart rate

One of the treadmill with incline benefits is the increased heart rate, especially for cardiovascular exercises. Any exercise that does not increase your heart rate significantly will not have meaningful effects on your body shape and strength.

You can improve your cardiovascular fitness by exercising at an intensity of 75 percent of your maximal heart rate. An inclined treadmill enables you to increase the intensity of your run or walk. And this brings up the question of what is better in walking incline vs running, and from the aforementioned statistics, you have seen that running on an incline treadmill can burn more calories than walking on it. 

Fat burn

Similar to calorie burn, one of the incline treadmill benefits is the increase in the rate of burning body fat. A research by Freemotion Fitness shows that when you incline a treadmill by 16 -18 percent and walk at 3 mph, you will increase fat burning by 70 percent. The increased fat burn is one of the top incline treadmill workout benefits for people who want to lose weight fast.


Walking on a treadmill is repetitive and may become boring over time. One reason why people give up on their workout routines is monotony. You will eventually lose your momentum if you do the same thing every day.

Among the treadmill with incline benefits is variation in your workouts. You will not only achieve your fitness goals faster but also derive more pressure from your daily exercises.

Incline treadmill benefits glutes when you vary the way you do things. It can become a way of exercising compound muscles at the same time, instead of focusing on one muscle set only. 

Recreating outdoor conditions

Combining indoor and outdoor exercises is good for your health. However, sometimes it is impractical to run, jog, or walk outdoors because of extreme weather conditions. Incline treadmill benefits include emulating real outdoor conditions. For instance, you cannot climb a hill in a rainy season but you can emulate or the recreate the exercise by inclining your treadmill. In addition, you can use the incline as a way of preparing your body for intense outdoor workouts.

There are more incline treadmill benefits for you, but to be fair, you will not get the incline treadmill results that you desire overnight. You will have to work hard, but the experience will be very rewarding.