How to Lose Belly Fat: The 7 Science Proven Tricks You Need to Know

how to lose belly fat at home

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One of the first tell tale signs of your weight gain is a growing tummy. Unless you’re pregnant, a belly that’s growing in size is definitely a cause for alarm. It means that you’re getting out of shape and that all the extra calories you’ve been munching on haven’t been being used by your body anymore. Sure, sometimes, it can also be a sign of a more serious condition, but in most cases, pants that get tighter only means that you’re gaining weight and you should take measures how to lose belly fat right away.

Dangers of Having Belly Fat

It might sound vain, but getting rid of your belly fat isn’t just something you should do just because you want a beach bod or you really want to squeeze into a tight dress. As some experts put it, the more your waistline grow, the more risks your health gets.

 But did you know that it’s not the fat that your hand can pinch that poses great dangers to your health? It’s actually the visceral fat, the ones that surround your organs, that you should be worried about. In the right amount, they’re very useful as they cushion your vital organs, but having too much can result in type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, certain cancers, dementia, and lots of other health problems.

 High amounts of visceral fat can also trigger the increased production of the hormones cortisol and androgen. This is quite alarming because cortisol is the body’s stress hormone and can further cause fat storage. So if you already have a bulging tummy, you can expect to get even bigger and wider than you already are. This can also affect testosterone and estrogen levels as well as your growth hormones.

Dealing with Your Belly Fat

The silver lining in having a belly fat is the fact that there are tons of ways how to get rid of it. A quick web search of how to lose belly fat naturally will give you thousands of different results. Some are expert tips in dieting and exercising, while others will sell you different products to help you say goodbye to your belly fat. Whether they work or not is still about to be determined for a lot of people as some techniques may or may not work with you, depending on how you execute them.

 However, if you really want to find the most effective techniques how to lose belly fat, you might want to get started with the techniques science have proven to actually work. There are actually two major things that scientists say are proven effective when it comes to eliminating belly fat: proper diet and exercise. However, you can’t just do them randomly, however, as there are specific techniques that really work. Those will be discussed in detail below.

7 Science-Backed Tricks How to Lose Belly Fat

So, what are the steps that you can take to stop your belly from increasing in size? Here are 7 tips that you should include in your routine:

Do a Good Lot of Cardio

Aerobic exercises are perennially the most popular workout routine because it simply works. Cardio workouts really reign supreme if you want to shed some pounds. Sure, there’s a high chance that you’ll hit a plateau at some point, but with some tweaks, workout variety, and the right techniques, you will keep on losing weight with cardio.

Interval Training and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) are two of the most useful forms of cardio that you should get to know if you’re determined to get rid of your spare tire. Interval Training is exactly what its name says, requiring alternating a routine with periods of active recovery. It’s considered by many as the holy grail of working out as it prolongs your energy and lets you exercise more, allowing you to burn more fats in exchange.

HIIT is a lot like Interval Training except for the part that you have to do your workout routines at a higher intensity. Some even say that it should be done at the highest intensity level that you can do so it can really put your body to the test and let you burn even more fat in the process.

It’s also important to note that whole body workouts are more efficient and fat burning, especially while you’re still starting out. The added body weight will add to the challenge, so you can see results in your efforts while you’re still starting out. Just make sure to execute workouts properly and without cheating, though, so you can really be sure that your efforts are not in vain.

Lift some Weights

So how do weights help you burn fats? By lifting weights, you get to challenge your muscles. As muscles burn calories effectively and efficiently, it can help keep your body from storing additional fat in your body. It also speeds up your metabolism, which is always a good thing so you can use the calories you intake as energy and not as fat.

But how does weight lifting affect your belly fat? Well, aside from helping you use up the calories you consume through your diet, the fact that lifting weights also allow your muscles to burn calories continuously, even when you’re already at rest or asleep is also a good way to help you deal with your belly fat.

Body weight exercises, especially the ones that target your abdominal muscles, can also be very helpful in getting rid of your belly fat. Strengthening your core will get your abdominal muscles in hyperdrive, so you also get to use the muscles there to burn even more calories.

These will benefit women even more as their bodies tend to store converted fat from calories in their midsection, in preparation for pregnancy. By taking steps to prevent the storage process, you also get to minimize any additions to your belly fat, letting your body use up the fat that’s already there.

The key to using weights to eliminate belly fat is to always keep yourself challenged. Increase the weight you work with regularly, as your muscles will get stronger over time by lifting weights. Don’t be afraid that you’ll bulk up if you’re a woman as the female body won’t easily get cuts and such with the lack of testosterone and other bodily chemicals that are naturally found in men.


According to experts, 80% of the body’s ability to eliminate excess body fat is through one’s diet. This is why you need to watch what you eat if you want to tone your belly. To get this done, here are a few techniques that experts suggest you try:

Create a Caloric Deficit

Consuming fewer calories than what your body can burn can help you burn more stored fats and prevent piling on additional weight as well. This is why weight loss diets often make you eat smaller portions.

Cut Down Sugar Consumption

Sugar tends to pile up the calorie count in your food, so if you need to burn more calories, it makes sense to eat less of them, right? This is why you should also limit your sugar consumption, so you can further cut down your calorie intake.

Eat Fat Burning Foods

If you’re worried that you’ll feel deprived and starved by a healthy diet, fret not. You don’t have to eat less, really, if you know the right food items to turn to. You can still eat a good amount without eating tons of calories as well if you know which fat burning foods to get a good load of and which ones have low-calorie content.

Antioxidant-rich food items are at the top of this list because they offer high doses of catechins which are effective fat burners. Green tea, red wine, apples, and chocolate are a few of the food that’s packed with antioxidants so including them in your diet can be a good idea.

Vinegar, almonds, yogurt, whey, spinach, berries, whole grain, and beans are also other examples of fat burning foods that you can add to your diet. Make sure to eat in moderation and still be careful of your calorie count so you can get the most out of these items.

Refuel with Proteins

A high protein diet fuels your muscles so they can do more. With a higher capacity to perform, you also get to workout more and burn more calories. So make sure to load up with lean protein to further boost your system’s ability to use up stored fat and convert food to energy.

Manage Cravings

The biggest challenge when it comes to eating less to deal with belly fat is that you might experience some cravings. Giving into them shouldn’t spell disaster, though. The key here is to listen to what your body wants instead of just jumping the gun and indulging yourself with fast food or junk food.

For example, you feel like craving for your favorite candy. Instead of grabbing one, substitute it with a nice and ripe apple, carrot sticks, or another particularly sweet fruit. This way, you get to meet your body’s demands but still keep the calorie count low and healthy.

Manage Your Stress

When you’re stressed, your body produces more of the stress hormone known as cortisol. While it gives you the fight or flight instinct as well as signals your body that it’s time for bed, it also triggers the body to store more fat. This is one of the reasons why stress eating is so bad for your body as it can easily pile on the pounds. By managing your stress, you can keep your cortisol levels low and prevent your body from storing fat instead of burning it.


Your body needs to repair and rest after a long and hard workout, so getting a good dose of zzz’s is essential. This will also help you re-fuel naturally, letting you get more energy for your workout the following day.

Only Go for Science-Backed Products and Techniques

Again, there are tons of products that will promise you that they can help get rid of your middle age spread. Not all of them are effective and some of them don’t even have any scientific basis for their claims at all. So, if you don’t want to waste money, time, or effort and gamble on a technique that you have zero proof will work, just stick with what the experts suggest.

Have a Lot of Patience

Losing weight and burning fats isn’t an overnight process. You can’t do a hundred crunches this morning and expect to see results by midday. You need patience to really stick to your belly fat busting routine, especially if you have a sizeable midsection.

Sometimes, you might also hit a plateau where you might not be seeing any improvements at all. This can demotivate some people, but don’t lose hope. A routine tweak can help you out so make sure to work on that right away.

Do Target Exercises Work?

You might be wondering, how come ab workouts aren’t listed as a separate item in this list? These are the exercises that specifically target your belly, meaning the muscles in the area will be worked out the most, so why aren’t they listed specifically? The answer to this question, experts say, is because they don’t work on their own.

Sure, they do tone your abdominal muscles, but they don’t burn the fats in the area on their own.

You’ll still need to pair these exercises with fat burning ones and a good diet so you can successfully get rid of the excess fat in your midsection.

Losing Belly Fat Naturally

Getting rid of a protruding belly shouldn’t seem like an undertaking, especially if you know the right techniques how to lose belly fat naturally. These seven tips are just some of the science-backed techniques that you can try out. With proper execution, they’re guaranteed to give you great results, so they’re definitely worth a shot.