Best Skipping Rope- Review of Top Rated Jump Ropes

best jump rope workoutDid you know that all boxers use the best skipping rope for their workouts? From Mike Tyson to Floyd Mayweather, they all include this exercise in their daily routines. This is not to suggest that you should take up boxing but it definitely shows the importance of using a skipping rope. what kind of jump rope do boxers use?

The market has many types of top rated jump ropes. Thus, you will need to know what suits your needs. For example, what are the weighted jump rope benefits, that is, if you would like to buy such?

As you build your home gym, don't overlook this simple piece of equipment, buy the best skipping rope.

The best skipping rope has many health benefits. Many athletes use this exercise as a means of building their stamina and improving their overall balance.

You can jump rope to warm up for intense aerobics or any other workouts. Another benefit of this exercise is that it improves your overall aerobics fitness with minimal effects on your knees and joints.
Floyd Mayweather shows off his rope skipping skills:

Pick the skipping rope for your level of training to enjoy full benefits. Here is a guide on how to select the right skipping rope and a detailed review of top rated jump ropes.

ImageNamekey FeaturesEditor's Rating
what is the best skipping ropeSurvival and Cross Jump Rope-Adjustable length
-Light weight
-Long lasting
best skipping rope for weight lossFitness Factor Adjustable Jump Rope-Tangle Resistant cable
-Comfortable handles with foam cushioning
-Has ball bearing for free rotation
which skipping rope to buyPower Skip Jump rope-Ergonomic handle design
-Has ball bearing for smooth rotation
-Rightly weighted for beginners
what is the best skipping ropeZiyue Premium Speed Rope-Cushioned handles
-Ball bearings for smooth rotations
-Easy to adjust the length
what kind of jump rope should I buyTagvo Lightweight Crossfit Jump Rope-Has non slip and absorbent handles
-Doesn't twist or tangle during skipping
-Made of durable material
what is the best skipping ropeKing Athletic Speed Jump Rope-Designed for speed training
-Cushioned handles
-Has ball bearings for smooth rotations
what kind of jump rope should i buyLimm Jump Rope-Feather light
-Comfortable ergonomic handles
-Ball bearings prevent tangling

The Editors rating is explained in each of the skipping rope's review below.

7 Top Rated Jump Ropes Review

To the question of; what size jump rope do I need? That should be easy as it will be determined by your height. But you can save yourself the trouble and just go for an adjustable rope. That will be the best skipping rope for you.

The first time to go into the market to buy a skipping rope, you will be daunted by the so many choices available in the market. However, it does not have to be that way because in this section, we bring you several of the top rated jump ropes.

Survival and Cross - A Top Speed Jump Rope for Crossfit

Image of best skipping rope

Survival and Cross is popular for manufacturing top quality fitness products. The company's speed jump ropes crossfit ropes are some of the best in the market.

It is made of the highest quality material. The handles have screws and collars that you can use to adjust the length of the rope. When you get the ideal length for all of your workouts, you can cut off the excess cable length.

Rating: 4.9/5. Reason: As can be seen by following the buy button below, this crossfit skipping rope has more than 4,500 reviews with 77% of them being 5 stars and 10% of them 4 stars. Moreover, it is a bestseller on the ecommerce platform.

The rope is light, which makes it easy to pack and travel with to any destination. You can use this jump rope for different types of training include MMA, boxing, and cross fitness.

The jump rope does not twist when you do high knees, double-unders, or crisscrosses. Because of the light weight, these are some of the best skipping ropes for schools. It is ideal skipping rope for beginners and cardio exercises.

Buying the best skipping rope is the first step to improving your exercise regimen at home. However,  you need to learn how to use it properly depending to achieve what you want. When you buy this skipping rope, Survival and Cross gives you a free exercise manual. You can use the manual to improve your workouts and maximize the benefits of jumping rope.


Pros and features 

  • The length is adjustable to fit your body size and height
  • The rope does not tangle as you change skipping movements
  • It is versatile and can be used for all types of training
  • It is light and easy to store
  • The rope is made high-quality and long-lasting material


  • The rope may be too light for beginners to learn how to coordinate their movements

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Adjustable Jump Rope by Fitness Factor (A Top Rated Skipping Rope) review 

best skipping rope for weight loss

This rope is listed among the top rated jump ropes because it is ideal for all trainers. It is good for adults and kids at all levels of skills and height to use the rope conveniently.

The skipping rope length is easy to adjust and it's made with a durable material. The rope has ball-bearing systems, handles with a firm grip and a tangle proof rope.

Rating: 4.5/5 Reason: This jump rope by Fitness Factor has more than 450 reviews with 72% of these being 5-stars and 15% are 4-stars.

Fitness Factor considered the comfort of its users when making this skipping rope. The handles have a cushioning that reduces the strain on the hands during intense jumps and movements. The comfortable handles also make jump exercise easy, which allows you to explore different movements like high knees and crosses.

If you are still wondering, what size jump rope do I need, consider this high quality rope. You can use it for any type of workout meaning you do not have to buy other ropes for specific sports.

The manufacturer guarantees its top quality with a lifetime warranty. You don't need to think about the cable cracking or breaking when buying the rope. This is without doubt the best jump rope.

With a step-by-step guide to ensure that you start jumping rope the right way, it is the ideal jump rope for beginners. Learn how to use the rope to burn more calories every day and get in your desired shape.


Pros and features

  • The rope is made of high quality materials
  • You can adjust the length easily to a comfortable size
  • The cable is tangle-proof
  • The rope comes with a free guide on how to use it correctly in your workouts
  • The handles have comfortable foam that protects your hands
  • The ball bearings enable the cable to rotate freely


  • The light material may be a challenge for kids and beginners
  • The lightweight does not give enough resistance for shoulder exercises

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PowerSkip Jump Rope - the best skipping rope

Image of the best skipping rope

One common question during the purchase of  the best jump rope is; "What size jump rope do I need?"

The length depends on one's height, skill level and specific exercise to be done. You need a rope with an adjustable length if you are unsure about your ideal length.

Rating: 4.3/5 Reason: This jump rope had close to 300 reviews at the time of this rating update. 73% of the reviews for the Jump rope by Power Skip were 5-stars and 13% of them were 4-stars.

This is one of such ropes that you can adjust to any length until you get the right one. The weighted cable can benefit adults and kids of between 5 feet and 6 feet 8 inches height. One of the outstanding features of this skipping rope is the ergonomic handles that are coated with custom memory foam.

You can focus on improving your health and do the exercises right instead of worrying about hurting your hands. The handles have ball bearings and the cable coated with a polymer. The two features give you fast, smooth, and tangle-free rotations.

When you purchase this best skipping rope, the supplier gives you access to instructional videos. The videos have instructions for all skill levels including beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

The supplier also provides a lifetime warranty covering manufacturing defects.


Features, pros and cons

  • The ergonomic design of the handles protects your hands from strain
  • The ball bearing system makes the rotations fast and smooth
  • The length is adjustable
  • The rope has the right weight for all types of exercises especially for beginners


  • The rope does not come with clear instructions on how to adjust the length.
  • The locking mechanism is hard to use

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ZIYUE Jump Rope Premium Speed Rope - Best Skipping Rope for Beginners

Image of the best skipping rope

When looking for a rope with maximum weighted jump rope benefits, you need to consider the quality of the materials used. The Ziyue jump rope is made with 3m PVC of medium quality. Hence, the rope can handle heavy-duty use.

The cable is long enough to be customized to the user’s height. It takes about five minutes to customize the rope’s length.

Rating: 4.2/5 Reason: Ziyue jump rope has more than 200 reviews and is recommended by the ecommerce platform as seen by following the buy button below. Of the reviews, 73% are 5-stars and 13% are 4-stars.

Now, it is almost impossible to destroy this rope. It will virtually outlive you.

You can use this rope to build your endurance and enhance your reflexes and stamina.

The handles of this weighted skipping rope are designed to protect your hands from excessive fatigue. The custom grips make them comfortable and safe to use for prolonged workouts.

In addition, the ball bearings on the rope rotate at high speed making it one of the top rated jump ropes. You will enjoy effortless, smooth, even, and fast rotations. The design is specifically ideal for MMA, boxing, and cross fit trainers. So, for anyone asking what kind of jump rope do boxers use, this is no doubt one the best skipping ropes as it is also used by professional athletes.

The rope can be used at home for recreational training and in school for sports training and other activities.

The Ziyue skipping rope is exceptional because trainers of all skill levels and ages can use it for their favorite workout. If you like to jump rope as a family, you do not have to buy a separate rope or another design for your kids.


Features, pros and cons

  • It is easy and fast to adjust the cable to the ideal length
  • The material is practically indestructible and can withstand heavy-duty use
  • The handles are cushioned and comfortable
  • Trainers at all levels of skills and of all ages can use the jump rope
  • It comes with ball bearings for the fastest, smooth, and even rotations.


  • The rope may tangle because of its lightweight and thin cable
  • It may be too light for beginners

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Tagvo Lightweight Crossfit Jump Rope Review

Image of the best skipping rope to buy

This skipping rope is made with a wear and tear resistant material. It can withstand intense pressure for a long period. The Tagvo fits this description perfectly.

The steel wire in this jump rope is covered with thick high-quality PVC. It comes with a bearing system of eleven metal balls. Hence, you can do all workouts without tangles and twist-ups. The balls make all rotations smooth and fast.

Rating: 4/5 Reason: Tagvo lightweight jump rope is rates the poorest on this least because it has the least reviews, less than  50. However, of these reviews 88% of them are 5-stars and 4% of them are 4-stars.

You can adjust the length up to 9'6". The supplier advises you to cut the excess part after the adjustment to prevent tangling. If you intend to share the rope with other family members, you can push the excess length into the hollow handles.

The comfortable handles add to the weighted jump rope benefits. The handles are made of an elastic foam material that is soft and flexible. This material gives you a firm grip and it absorbs sweat on your hands as you exercise. The handles are comfortable for both men and women.

Another amazing feature is that all trainers can use the lightweight jump rope. You can buy one for your family because it is designed for both kids and adults. In addition, it can be used for different types of training including boxing, MMA, crossfit, jumping and skipping exercises.


Features, pros and cons

  • It has comfortable, non-slip, and absorbent handles
  • High-quality PVC coating for the cable for heavy duty use and durability
  • It is suitable for both adults and kids
  • You can adjust it to any length of up to 9 feet 6 inches
  • It has no-twist up and non-tangle properties


  • The rope may be not the best choice for beginners because it is too light

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King Athletic Speed - One of the best skipping ropes

Image of the best skipping ropes for all

If you need a great skipping rope for cardio fitness, the King Athletic jumping rope is designed for cardio exercises and more. It is ideal for speed skip training.

The best part is that it comes with an instructional e-book making it one of the best jump ropes for beginners. If you have never tried skipping exercises, this book will guide you on how to use the exercises for different fitness goals.

Rating: 4.8/5 Reason: With more than 1,500 reviews, King Athletic Jumping Rope is an established brand. Of these reviews 71% of them are 5-stars and 15% of them 4-stars.

You can also use the rope to tone all the muscles in your body and this rope can also help you to improve your speed, stamina, and endurance.

You can adjust its length to up to 9'4" in just a few minutes. Individuals of up to 6'10" height can use the jump rope.

When deciding what skipping rope to buy, you should look at the design of the handles. The King Athletic rope has custom folded foam on the handles for a firm grip.

It comes with a super-speed bearing system to give you the fastest and smoothest rotations, making it one of the best jump ropes in the market.

The cable is coated with 100% genuine high-quality leather. Hence, it is long-lasting and can handle heavy-duty uses.

The supplier gives money-back guarantee if the skipping rope has any issues. You get your money back for the full price and a new rope from the supplier. This is all the guarantee that you need to know this is the best skipping rope.


Features, pros and cons

  • The rope is designed for super-speed skipping training
  • The high-quality leather material is durable and strong enough for heavy duty uses
  • The handles are cushioned for a firm, comfortable grip
  • It has a heavier weight that makes it ideal for all levels of training and workouts
  • The ball-bearing system gives the fastest and smooth rotations
  • It is easy to adjust the length to fit your height
  • It comes with an instruction manual


  • Beginners not used to high skipping speed may have difficulties using the rope
  • The leather material may lose its shape over time

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Limm Jump Rope Review- A skipping Rope for Crossfit

which skipping rope to buy

The Limm skipping is the right skipping rope to buy for cross fitness and cardio exercises. The skipping is ideal for adults and kids of all experience levels and ages.

It is fast and easy to adjust the rope to the right length. Therefore, you can enjoy full calorie burning sessions without worrying about tangles.

Rating: 4.6/5 Reason: Limm Jump Rope has more than 600 customer reviews and is a best seller/suggested product on the ecommerce platform. (see from buy button below). Of the customer reviews 76% of them are 5-stars and 11% are 4-stars.

The premium quality ball-bearings enables smooth and even rotations. You will enjoy effortless spins as you burn the extra calories. The manufacturer has ensured that you do not cause excess strain on your hands when working out.

Moreover, the ergonomic design of the handles enhances your comfort. The material on the handles provides a firm grip and prevents unnecessary sweating on your palms.

The Limm Jump Rope is one of the top rated jump ropes in the market. It is light in weight. You can fit the rope into your backpack and enjoy weight loss or calories burning exercises from anywhere even when you are on a business trip.

This crossfit jump rope comes with a money-back guarantee. You can return the product for a full refund if it does not meet your expectations.


Features, pros and cons

  • It is feather-light, easy to transport
  • Instructions to adjust the length are simple and straightforward
  • The ergonomic handles enhance your comfort and provide a non-slip grip
  • It does not tangle during exercises thanks to its premium ball-bearing system
  • Trainers of all ages and experience levels can use the jumping rope


  • The skipping rope is feather-light which makes it unsuitable for some intense workouts
  • Beginners may have a hard time controlling their movements when using this jump rope

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Features to look for in the best skipping rope


What size jump rope do I need? This is usually the main question when seeking the top 10 skipping ropes in the market. or even the top 5.

Firstly, consider your height when choosing a skipping rope. The right rope for you should leave enough space above your head and in front when skipping. Otherwise, if it is not the right size, it could cause you to overstretch or bend to make it fit.

If the rope is excessively long, it will be hard to lift it when jumping. You can even trip over it especially when learning how to skip. Go for the best skipping rope with adjustable length if you are unsure about the right size for you.

Weight of the best skipping rope

When seeking to know what skipping rope to buy, go an extra mile and find information. A heavy rope is recommended if you want to build resistance and stamina. You will build muscles and strength when working out with such a rope. Other weighted jump rope benefits include slower movements and rhythm.

To the question of which skipping rope to buy, heavier is better if you want to improve your coordination and control. However, if you want faster movements, consider buying a light skipping rope. For the skipping rope length, keep it the right size for more efficiency.

Intended use

What is the best skipping rope for the exercises that you intend to do? Which muscles will you be targeting with the exercises? Such questions will help you to determine the best skipping rope to buy. For instance, if you want to increase your shoulder endurance, go for a thick and heavy rope.

Handles of the best skipping rope

Skipping rope handles should be non-slip. With all the action, the will be a lot of sweating and you do not want the rope slipping and bull-whipping you nastily. Inspect the handles carefully when buying to ensure that the rope rotates freely. You can choose between plastic and wooden handles. The idea is to get handles with a firm and cushioned grip that is both anti-slip and friendly to your hands.

Material for the best skipping rope

What kind of jump rope should I buy? Many newbies ask this question. Well, this is mostly guided by the material used to make the rope. Skipping ropes for schools are made with material that is different from the material used to make heavy-duty ropes used by professional athletes.

Some of the materials used to make skipping ropes include rubber, nylon, leather, and the vinyl plastic. Rubber and vinyl cord ropes are ideal for all levels of training.

Level of training

Your level of training will also determine what skipping rope to buy. Heavy ropes are recommended for beginners. The slow rhythm enables you to learn how to balance your body, land safely on your feet and coordinate your movements. You can alternate light and heavy ropes at an advanced level of training.