5 Best Push up Bars for Wrist Pain

Push ups are a great exercise for two main reasons. One, they work many muscles; shoulders, triceps, abdominals, chest and back. And two, you can do them at any, well almost any, locations; indoors at home or at the office, outside your house, at the gym or in the park.

But there is a caveat.

With the traditional push up, you anchor yourself on your palms and balls of your feet. Sometimes it might not be possible to place palms on the floor. For instance, when indoors the floor might be dirty, cold or too slippery to place your palms on the floor in order to do some push ups.

If outdoors, the floor might be too uneven or rough posing the danger of injury on your palms. The environment or floor aside, you might find that you experience pain at your wrists whenever you try to do the traditional push up. This pain could be due to a weak wrist or a previous injury.

If one of these reasons or any other prevents you from doing push ups then the solution is to get one of the best push up bars for wrist pain, also referred to as pushup grips.

Below we review five of the best put up grips. But you can view a longer list of the available options here.

The Iron Core Athletics B0191A3XYO Review

best push up bars for wrist painThese push up grips by Iron Core Athletics are a good fit for an individual starting their fitness journey or someone who has been inactive for a while. This is because there is a great emphasis on comfort. Therefore, your palms will not suffer from extreme temperatures caused by holding metals, or pain suffered due to pressing on a hard surface.

Also if you hate assembling equipment, then this is an item for you. These grips do not come in bits and pieces. Once they are delivered to you, you will just need to unpack them and start enjoying your work outs and not have to worry of wrist pain again.

Check out the product’s description on Amazon.

Here are some of the features of the Iron Core Athletics.

A sturdy product

These handles are engineered well enough to support an individual weighing up to 275 pounds. If you weigh heavier than 275 pounds, unfortunately this one is not for you.

One reason for this sturdiness is the use of steel, a metallic material, in the fabrication of the product. For a better understanding of the properties of steel, let’s just say it’s used in the construction of bridges and buildings.

Another feature contributing to this enormous strength is that each handle is constructed as a complete unit. It has no joints, welds or joined pieces. Consequently, there are no weak points that could lead to failure under stress.

High comfort levels

Have you ever held a metallic object during the cold season with your bare hands? The cold feeling is numbing and very unpleasant.

Despite the fact that these handles are made of steel, they do not lead to such a feeling. How so? Because, the bars are padded. With this padding you do not directly contact the handle’s metallic part while doing push ups. This keeps you comfortable, not feeling some numbing cold.

best push up bars for wrist painIn addition, the pair of handles are very stable. This means you will not worry about losing balance as you count your push ups. With this stability the chances of an injury are also highly reduced.

Features and specifications

  • Sturdy and strong enough due to its steel structure and lack of weak points such as welds and joints. Therefore anyone who weighs less than 275lbs can use these push up grips by Iron Core Athletics.
  • High stability level due to the way it rests on the floor and its having anti-slip pads. This feature prevents you from getting injuries and ensures your work out is uninterrupted.
  • No assembly requirements because each handle comes as a single unit rather than separate pieces joined together.
  • Light in weight and therefore you can carry them in your bag between home and office or even when traveling. This way, you never miss on your push up day.
  • These push up bars are very comfortable due to the grip padding, stability and the anti-slip feature.

Find more details and buy on Amazon

Customer reviews and rating

These Iron Core Athletics push up handles are the ideal push up equipment. They are strong enough to support your weight yet light enough for ease of portability. Iron Core Athletics have also ensured that these handles are comfortable and safe for your use.

As this review is being written, there are more than customer reviews on these grips.

Out of these reviews, less than three customers had something negative to point out about the Iron Core Athletics push up handles. Actually, here are a few of the reviews.

One customer really appreciated the handles because they did not mess up his wood floor and do not hurt his hands when doing push ups.

 Another one, Joseph, says that the Iron Core Athletics handles were are stronger than the ones he previously owned. He uses them every day and by the time of posting his review, they did not show any signs of warping or degradation.

On the negative side, Santiago felt that these grips were shorter than the ones his older ones.

Final Thoughts

These push up bars by Iron Core Athletic are both good looking and functional. The comfort, sturdiness, anti-slip property and stability are some of the features almost all customers have appreciated. I bet you would not go wrong trying it out.

The Helm Push Up Handles Review

best push up bar for wrist painThe Helm multi grip push up device is the result of an innovative idea to ensure push ups never get boring and they are as effective as desired. With three position grips and ability to train for stability, you could work many different muscles with this device.

Actually, some of the muscles you can work with ‘The Helm’ can never be touched during a traditional push up. This device is one of the few that can ‘spice up’ your push up workouts as compared to most other push up grips. The Helm also offers an advantage of not having to worry how far you place the handles apart since this distance is fixed.

Below are some of the features of The Helm.

And you can also read more about the product and buy it on Amazon.com

3 Grip Position

multi grip push up barThe Helm Push up grip provides three grip positions of normal, wide and close. Each of these positions targets different primary muscle groups. Wide grip helps you work the outer chest and the back. Narrow grip targets the inner chest and shoulders. Normal group helps you target a wide range of upper body muscles and arms (such as biceps and triceps).

The Helm also has these positions fixed. Therefore, you will not have to figure out how wide or how close your grip should be. The consistency of these positions is also key to ensure you hit the muscles with the same conditions every time you do your push ups.

Wide range of exercises

You can use the Helm in two main ways, for static or dynamic exercises. Static exercises happen when you place this device on a floor, which does not change its position. Dynamic exercises are done by having the push up grips on a swiss ball push up barswiss ball or a bosu ball.

These balls are not provided together with The Helm but you can choose and buy one either here for Swiss balls or here for bosu balls.

Dynamism is good since it ensures your muscles react to keep you stable. Muscles mostly used for stability during plank-like exercises are the core and obliques. Therefore your washboard abdominals will be visible within a short time of using this device.

Features and specifications

  • Three fixed grip positions which ensure consistent positioning and targeting of a wide range of muscles.
  • Allows dynamism in push ups and other plank position work outs. Dynamism demands body muscles such as the core to stabilize you. By engaging muscles for stability, these muscles are defined more than during a static work out.
  • Ease of use. Once you purchase The Helm, you will not be required to do any assembly. You just unbox the product and start incorporating it into your workout routine.
  • Wide range of users. Since this push up bar device can be used in both static and dynamic conditions, it is usable by both fitness beginners and pro-level fitness individuals.
  • High quality. Manufacturers of this device are so confident of the quality of the device that they give a lifetime replacement guarantee.
  • Also the device can carry 700 lbs without failure. Most people weigh way less than this limit.

Get the raw description and check price on Amazon

Customer Reviews and Ratings

The versatility of The Helm push up bar device cannot be overstated. It allows for both dynamic and static push up work outs, and has three fixed grip positions. At an affordable price, this device will help you achieve your work out goals since it helps you target different muscles simultaneously.

At the point of writing this review, at least 70 customers had reviewed this device. Almost all of these customers must have been pleased with The Helm for them to rate it highly. Here are some of the customer reviews.

Martha had an interesting way of appreciating the The Helm. She says here abs felt like they were on fire. And goes on to note that the handles provided a good core workout which is a mixture of a plan and push ups. She goes on to explain how she pushes herself to get the maximum out of her work outs. She places the device on a swiss ball and her feet on the flat side of a bosu ball. This positioning results in a huge stability demand on her body. No wonder her abs were on fire.

In his review, Brown says he got to learn of The Helm during his shoulder rehab. Having had an injury, he could not do traditional push ups but was able to work out again by using the Helm push up handles device. He says with this device he was able to enjoy push ups and other core exercises again. Actually over time his shoulder go to be as stronger as it was before his injury.

A few clients expressed their disappointment with the packaging of the product since it did not come with a manual or any instructions on how to use it. One of these customers, Kecia was disappointed by lack of a manual on how to use The Helm. This is a justifiable complain especially considering not everyone is technically gifted.

Final thoughts

We go to the gym or rather we work out so as to achieve a certain goal such as weight loss, increase endurance, increase strength et cetera. With The Helm push up handles you are able to get maximum results by targeting multiple muscles during a single work out. This is especially true during a dynamic work out where you have the device on a Swiss or a Bosu ball.

Customers who have purchased the item seem to be content with the device. There are very low chances that you would be dissatisfied with this product if you bought it.

Perfect Fitness Elite Push Up Handles Review

Best rotating push up bars for wrist painThese push up handles are designed for two categories of people. The first category is a person who experiences wrist pain during traditional push ups where you have your palms on the floor. And the second category is someone looking to get more out of a push up routine.

These push up grips rotate for an angle of about 900 as you move up and down. This rotation will demand more from your muscles for you to remain stable. Let’s have a look at the features of these handles.

Read more about this product and check its price on Amazon.com

Small angle rotation

The Elite push handles by Perfect Fitness usually rotate for angle of about 900 as you do a push up. This way your hands’ orientation is changed. Due to this change of orientation, you have to engage your core, arms and upper body muscles in order to stay stable.

The stabilization aspect increases your strength and defines your arms, back, shoulders, chest and abdominals even better than would be defined during push ups without the rotation. Here’s a video demonstrating this rotation.

Anti slip property

The Elite push up grips have a base whose material has anti slip properties. Therefore, you can easily work out on a very smooth floor and the handles will not change their position. This stability is important to avoid injury while working out.

Features and specifications

  • Limited rotation during up-down push up movement for increased muscles’ engagement.
  • Anti slip property of the handles’ surfaces in contact with the floor to reduce chances of injury that could be caused by slipping.
  • An ergonomic design which ensures an even distribution of your weight on your grip. Therefore, one part of your palm does not suffer from more pressure than other parts. In addition, the ergonomic design reduces joint strain on both your elbows and wrists.
  • The push up handles can handle weights of up to 400lbs. Unfortunately, if you weight more than 400lbs then this product is not for you.
  • These handles were designed by a former US Navy SEAL in order to solve high injury rates that were occurring frequently.

Read product description and purchase on Amazon now

Customer Reviews and Ratings

The rotation aspect of the Elite push up handles is quite an innovative feature. It helps in achieving desired work out results faster. And this feature also adds a twist, pun intended, to a push up routine reducing the chance of getting bored by the work out.

As this item is being reviewed, more than 1,300 customers had reviewed it with an above average rating. With the high rating, it definitely means most of the customers were satisfied with the Elite push up handles. Actually, here’s a few of the reviews.

One customer appreciated the smooth rotating action of these handles even during use, doing push ups. In addition, he found the grip to be excellent both on hard surfaces and carpets.

Another customer highlighted the increase in his workout challenge and solution for hand pain. He says at his advanced age he experienced pain if he did traditional push ups. However with these grips, he was able to follow his pushup routine without any hand pain.

A few customers did not appreciate the rotating effect and felt they were better off without these push up handles. One such customer felt that the Elite grips were not improving his work outs and preferred not using them.

Going by the number of customers who appreciate the Elite push up handles versus those who don’t, I would suggest you try this product out.

Final thoughts

The Elite Push up handles by Perfect Fitness are meant to increase your push up workout challenge. Consequently, your upper body muscles are defined even better than would be during a traditional push up workout routine. And the fact that an ex-US Navy SEAL designed them gives me all the confidence on the quality of this product.

JFit Pro Push up Bar Review

Best Elevated push up bar for wrist painAs we grow in our fitness journey, we keep on adding new challenges to our routines. For instance, with push ups you can increase the range of motion. This is where JFit Pro push up bar comes in. It has a 9″ (9 inches) clearance from the ground.

As your fitness level increases you still want to be comfortable as during your work outs. These bars have padded handles for increased comfort and anti-skid legs to ensure your safety.

Below is a list of the features for this device.

But you could jump straight to Amazon.com to read more and buy the product.

9″ elevation

The JFit Pro push up bars have a 9″ elevation which increases your range of motion during a workout. Increased range of motion means your muscles are engaged for longer which will increase your strength and resistance.

multi exercise push up barYou can also do other exercises such as tricep dips, stretches, gymnastic moves as well as balancing on these bars.

Non slip grips

As you do your push ups sweat drips from your body, including your palms. JFit had this in mind and made the grips of their push up bars out of neoprene. Neoprene ensures that you have a comfortable and soft grip which is not slippery even as you start sweating.

Still on non slip property, the feet of these handles are also made to have a firm grip on the floor. This is an important feature because a slight movement of the bars during a workout could lead to serious injuries.

Features and specifications

  • 9″ clearance allowing for a wide range of motion and ability to do a variety of exercises on the bars.
  • Non-slip grip for the handles and legs due to the neoprene padding. Your grip on the handles is both comfortable and firm even as you start sweating. The legs of the JFit Pro Push up bars have padded legs to ensure they do not slip even on a slippery floor.
  • Easy to assembly and highly portable. Legs of the bars are removable by unscrewing two screws by hand therefore no need to carry a tool. Once disassembled you can fit the bars in your back pack as you travel or go to the gym.
  • They are made of steel and hence able to withstand heavy weights without damage.

Read more on the features and check price on Amazon.com

What the customers said and ratings

The elevated clearance of 9″ is an outstanding feature for the JFit Pro push up handles. This elevation increases range of motion and allows it to be used in various types of exercises. But what has been the customers experience with the product?

At the time of reviewing these handles, almost 200 customers had bought and reviewed the product. Ideally, more than 80% of these customers found the product to be exactly what they wanted. Here are a few examples of these reviews

One customer, Lee said the handles were cheap in price but not cheap in quality. He also found them easy to assemble and portable. In a nutshell, Lee highlights the affordability, the 9″ clearance and ease of assembly.

Another customer highlighted strength of the pro push up bars. He says despite being 6’04” tall and weighting 200lbs, the grips are able to handle his weight with ease.

On the negative side, a customer called MGK had challenges assembling the handles. The handles sat flush on the base even before tightening. It required some forcing for the two to be assembled together.

Considering the appreciation of the JFit Pro push up bars by the customers, it is a no brainer to recommend the product.

Final thoughts

The JFit pro push up bars are ideal for an advance fitness enthusiast. With the elevated clearance you will be able to have a great range of motion and have an opportunity to carry out many exercises on the handles. Also if you experience discomfort on your joints then this product is worth considering. It is one of the best push up bars for wrist and shoulder pain for advanced athletes.

The Power Press Push Up Grips Review

best multiposition push up bar for wrist painWith some push up bars, you always have to estimate how far apart to position them during your work out. The problem is you will barely ever be consistent with such estimates. With varying estimates, you will not hit the targeted muscles the same way every time you work out. This is where the power press push up grips by Maximum Fitness Gear come in handy.

This push up gear consists of the grips and a board. The board has 14 color coded slots for the grips. The slots ensure that you position the grips at the same place every time you choose to use a certain pair of slots. This way you target and hit specific muscles the same way all the time. Below we take a closer look at the different features of this revolutionary product.

In the mean time, get more information and by the product on Amazon.com

Push up board with color coded slots

As mentioned above, the Power Press push gear provides 14 fixed color coded slots on a board for the grips. This way, you will not have to guess how far you will need to place the push up grips in order to work a certain muscle. The color codes are red, blue, yellow and green. Each of the color represents the primary muscle that is targeted. The muscles are shoulders, chest, back and triceps respectively.

Also note, that as you work the primary muscle your abdominals are also worked in the process. In addition to these positions, you will be able to isolate each muscle group by its varying positions. For instance, you can have wide or close grips with two different angles for the shoulder work outs. This way, you get to work the rear and front shoulders.

A workout program

When you buy the Power Press push up handles (or rather training system) you also get a 10 week workout plan from the manufacturer. This plan is important because you will not have to think what to do with the system. The program is also progressive in three phases for purposes of better conditioning and building strength. The three phases are start up, rev up and explosion.

Actually, you could just visit the Power Press YouTube page and view a few of the workouts there. The workouts are organized by days. This makes it very easy to follow the work out plan.

Here is the manufacture’s video of this system.

Features and specifications

  • 14 fixed and angled slots with color codes on a board for positioning the push up grips. Each color shows you what muscle you will target by positioning the grips in that slot.
  • The push up system comes with a 10 week work out chart to guide you to your fitness goals.
  • Comfortable grips due to cushioning and they also prevent slipping. Therefore, the chances of suffering an injury are greatly reduced.
  • Ease of portability. The push up board is the biggest item in this system but it is easily separable into two pieces and fit it into your bag.

Read more of the features on Amazon and buy the product now.

Customer reviews and ratings

The Power Press push up system’s 14 workout positions that are color coded really impresses me. Moreover, they also provide a 10 week plan. This is even more impressive. I hope you’re impressed as well.  Most of the customers who have purchased this item already have appreciated this feature.

As this review is being written, more than 600 customers had bought and reviewed this system. Actually, let’s sample a few of the reviews.

Will says he bought this system having not done any exercises beforehand. He also is a workaholic, living a sedentary life. On buying and using the push up grips he was able to improve his poster, tone his muscles and reduce some weight. When he started he could only do five push ups. By the time of posting his review, he was able to do 30 push ups at a go. Maybe he now can do 50 or even 100 pushups now.

Billy, a customer, does a long review of the product or in his words, rants why he loved this system. He talks of the durability, fixed positions, comfort, sturdiness and value addition. He also loves the preset locations on the board which makes no longer guess how wide or narrow to place the handles.

A few customers had a few niggling issues with this system, understandably. One of the customers pointed out that this system is better suited for advanced level fitness individuals. He might have overstated his point but he says that this system has a steep learning curve. He also goes ahead to recommend the system only to individuals who can do at least 100 pushups.

Final thoughts

The 14 present locations for placing the push up handles are the highlight of this product.  You also cannot overlook the provision of a 10 week workout chart. Following this chart religiously would definitely get you from one fitness level to the next.

This push up workout gear is a must have for someone who loves body weight exercises.

So, do push up grips only offer the advantage of a remedy for wrist pain during plank position workouts?

The answer is no. There are a few other benefits and below, we look at some of them.

Pushup Bar Vs Regular Pushup

Traditional push up and use of push up handles compare in three main ways; range of motion, wrist safety and skin safety.

  1. You enjoy a greater range of motion when using a pushup grip vs a regular pushup. Consequently, your muscles are under tension for longer and you work more during the up/down motion of a pushup.
  2. Placing your palm on the floor exposes your wrists to injury since they are not in a neutral position. This is especially the case for beginners since their wrist muscles are not so strong.
  3. Using a pushup bar unlike a regular pushup enables one to work out on any surface. For instance, you can exercise outdoors where there’s sand or the surface is too rough to place your palm on it.


We have just reviewed 5 best push up bars for wrist pain both for novices and advanced fitness level individuals. Actually, most customers for the listed products have said how the bars helped them workout even when they were previously unable to work out due to pain.

For some the pain was due to a previous injury, for others it’s just that placing palms on the floor for traditional push ups just didn’t work for them.

We’ve also see S-shaped, rotating, elevated, and fixed push up bars. This gives you options to choose one that works for you to enable you improve your workouts and achieve your fitness goals.