Best Pull Up Bars | Make the Most out of Your Body Weight Training

Make the Most Out of Your Body Weight Training with the Best Pull Up Bars

Anyone who’s getting serious about fitness knows that weightlifting is one of the best ways to get fit. If you’re on the fence about this activity because the need for equipment means it will be costly to do at home, you should definitely rethink your position. Bodyweight training is one of the best alternatives to actually lifting metals so you don’t have to keep buying barbells and dumbbells if you don’t want to.

With bodyweight training, you can just stick with basic equipment and you’re good to go. The best pull up bars, resistance bands, jump ropes, and maybe even a fitness ball will already suffice. What you really need is your body weight anyway to get the workout you need.

Pull Ups as a Bodyweight Training Activity of Choice

For most people who are just starting out with bodyweight training at home, pull up bars prove to be one of the most useful tools to have installed. Pull ups are some of the most straightforward exercises that you can do, making it a great starting point for many budding fitness buffs. The idea behind it is very simple: you just need to lift your body up using your arms and you’re good to go.

If only executing it is that simple as well, no? While there are no complicated routines involved, it doesn’t mean that it’s easy to pull off. Lots of people actually need to take things one step at a time before they can actually pull themselves up on a pull up bar. Some people even consider it as the toughest exercise ever, so, really, why shouldn’t you give it a shot if you want to challenge yourself?

The biggest challenge in doing pull ups is having to carry your entire body weight. While most people start their weightlifting journeys at a fraction of their body weights, going all out and carrying your entire body weight will really be a massive challenge. It requires a lot from you but with such great advantages, all the hard work will really pay off.

The Benefits of Doing Pull Ups

Wondering what exactly will pull ups do for you? Here are a few of its benefits that might just get you interested in it.

You can do it practically anywhere

As long as there’s some sturdy bar around, you can already do some pull ups. Even if the bar isn’t so high up, you can still get a good workout doing pull ups. Having to pull your legs up just so your feet won’t touch the ground will even be more challenging, so you can still be guaranteed of a punishing session wherever you may be.

It will always be challenging

As this routine requires a good dose of upper body strength and a whole lot of gravity resistance, it will always be a challenging bodyweight exercise. It might help you burn fats and shed some pounds but it will also build your muscles and pack it with mass. This will turn your fat mass into muscle mass, which will continue to make your pull ups challenging. You won’t get lighter by doing this routine, so you will always have to push yourself further to carry your body’s entire weight.

Also, there are tons of ways how you can easily increase the intensity of this workout. You don’t have to do anything fancy just to up the ante of this routine. You can just simply strap on some weights on your body and you’ve already got a more challenging workout session in front of you. You can also try to increase the duration of your holds which will surely punish your muscles and force it to do better.

It will strengthen your upper body muscles like nobody’s business

Pull ups are also excellent when it comes to building upper body muscles. It will target your biceps, shoulders, abs, and the muscles on your back. It will definitely strengthen your upper body, leaving you more capable and powerful to do lots of lifting.

It can let you perform more physical activities with ease

Want to try other physical activities and sports now that you have crazy upper body strength? You might just find yourself faring well in activities like parkour, wall and rock climbing, archery, and actual weightlifting by doing pull ups at home.

You won’t get bored with this exercise

With its simplicity, it’s easy to assume that you’ll get bored doing pull ups. In practice, though, you really won’t. Aside from the constant challenge it will bring you, its execution can also be done in so many different ways. Just changing your grip on the bar will already introduce you to an entirely new challenge, so you certainly won’t get tired of it.

The Pull Up Bar

To do some solid pull ups at home, getting yourself a good pull up bar is a must. You actually have to be very particular about this equipment as failing to find a quality item can be dangerous. As it will take a lot of weight, you can never go for anything flimsy.

Pull up bars come in a wide array of shapes, mounting techniques, and construction. They’re designed differently to suit every user’s needs and home setups. This makes it important to know your different options so you can be sure to bring home the most suitable pull up bars for your bodyweight training.

To help you find the best pull up bar for your home, we’ve rounded up a few different kinds of this equipment. We’ve also included some top picks for each type, helping you get to know your options better. Check them out below.

The Different Kinds of Pull Up Bars and a Few of their Best Examples

Ultimate Body Press – Best Ceiling Mount Pull Up Bar for 8′ Ceilings

ceiling mount pull up barStraightforward routines tend to appeal to fuss-free folks who want the quickest way to get the job done. This is why an equally straightforward equipment like the Ultimate Body Press Ceiling Mount Pull Up Bar for 8′ Ceilings might just do the trick for them.

With its basic jig welded square steel tube construction that offers 48” of working width and 14” of clearance, it can already provide the right conditions you need to perform pull ups. It has a no-frills design as it just features a bar suspended on steel tubes. It won’t offer you anything fancy but it will help you get the job done.

In fact, it has a 450-lb weight capacity, so you can be guaranteed that it will be suitable for a wide range of applications. Aside from its generous clearance that will already let you do pull ups and its variations without hitting your head on the ceiling, it can also handle a wide range of accessories. Its high weight capacity will let you attach items on it that some people find it useful as a makeshift suspension point for various weight resistance training systems. Some ceiling mounted pull up bar reviews even say that they were able to use it to suspend their punching bag. In any case, it’s very versatile and will let you make the most out of your weight training space.

While this product is made to be used for wood ceilings, you also don’t have to hesitate to get it if you have steel or concrete ceilings. You might just need to get the appropriate screws for the surface you intend to attach it to, but that’s the most modification it needs. Its solid construction is definitely the key to its great performance.


  • 14” Clearance
  • 48” Bar Length
  • 1.25” Bar Diameter
  • Jig Welded Square Steel Tube Construction
  • Hammertone Textured Bar
  • White Powdercoat Finish
  • 450-lb Weight Limit
  • Comes with mounting templates and hardware for wood
  • Sleek design
  • Will match most home gyms’ decor
  • Can be used with other accessories
  • Extremely sturdy and stable
  • Bar texture prevents slippage
  • Straightforward installation on wood ceilings
  • Ample clearance for various exercise routines
  • High weight limit
  • Excellent price
  • Some people find the bar slippery

Cap Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand [Stand alone pull up bar]

stand alone pull up barSome folks shy away from pull up bars because they live in rentals that prevent them from drilling holes into their ceilings and walls. This, of course, can be very limiting for those who want to do bodyweight resistance training as you will need to setup something sturdy that you can suspend yourself on.

If this is your case, a free standing pull up bar like the Cap Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand is an option worth checking out. It won’t require you to drill anything on the structure of your home, so it can be perfect for people with such concerns. However, it will take up a significant amount of space and has a limited height at 85” which are serious considerations as well.

In case these won’t cause any problems or limitations to you, it can be a very versatile exercise equipment to add in your home gym. Thanks to its freestanding design and included bar catches, it can easily double duty as a squat rack. You can use it as a mount for other weight resistance training accessories as well.

As for actual pull ups, it can do a great job. It’s sturdy and durable so you can count on it to take on your weight. Taller folks might just need to adjust a little, but it can still offer a good compromise. If you want to do some kipping, however, you will need to anchor it to the floor to make it even more stable.


  • Free Standing Pull Up Bar Design
  • 85” Height
  • 50” Width
  • High-Grade Tubular Steel Overhead Bar
  • Double Gusseted Structure Uprights
  • 12- and 14-Gauge Steel Frame Construction
  • 3-Step Powder Coat Finish
  • Bar Catches Included
  • Fantastic price
  • Highly versatile and useful for other weight training activities
  • Includes a pair of bar catches making it double duty as a squat rack
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Very solid and sturdy
  • Quite compact
  • Won’t require drilling on ceilings and walls
  • Can be anchored to concrete
  • Can be a bit wobbly but you can also opt to anchor it down to make it even sturdier
  • Small diameter bar

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar – A doorway pull up bar review

multifunctional doorway pull up barAnother solid option when you can’t install any body weight training equipment in your home is an over the door pull up bar. As all you really need to do is to attach them to your door frame, they offer instant solutions to those who want to do pull ups at home.

If you’re interested in this kind of pull up bar, you should check out the Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar. This top rated option can be set up and removed in seconds and won’t take up too much space making it a very convenient pick for those who live in small homes. Its installation also doesn’t require any kind of hardware or use of tools, so if you’re not handy in any way, you won’t have a hard time setting this up.

Dubbed as an upper body workout bar, this product is also very versatile. You can also use it as a push up bar so you’ll get even more use out of it. For its very low price, it certainly offers a lot, giving you great value for your money.


  • Metal Frame
  • Compatible with 24″ to 32″ Wide Doorways
  • 3.5” Trim Width
  • Foam Padding
  • Rubberized Ends
  • Three Grip Positions: Wide, Narrow, and Neutral
  • 300-lb Weight Limit
  • Can also be used as a push up bar
  • No drilling required
  • Very quick and fuss-free installation
  • Fits most standard doorways
  • Portable and space efficient
  • Excellent price
  • Assembly can be a challenge
  • Tall people with low ceilings might have difficulties using this product

ProSource Multi-Grip Chin-Up/Pull-Up Bar Review

A nice alternative option for an over the door pull up bar is the ProSource Multi-Grip Chin-Up/Pull-Up Bar. Aside from the fact that it’s very easy to install, this product is also designed to provide a great workout. With its multi-grip design that offers twelve grip configurations, you can execute a wide array of routines and techniques without sacrificing your comfort and safety.

Another great design feature this product has is its wide bar. This allows it to have the multiple grip options in the first place. Being 41” long, this bar will already let you execute various routines without limiting your range of motion.

Many also like the fact that it can be permanently mounted if you want to do so. It comes with J brackets that will let you easily attach it to the wall with appropriate hardware so it can be even more stable and sturdier.


  • High-grade Steel Construction
  • Compatible with 24” to 36” Doorways
  • 41” Long
  • 12 Comfortable Grips for Various Styles and Routines
  • 300-lb Weight Limit
  • J Brackets Included for Permanent Mounting
  • Great price
  • Option for permanent mounting available
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Very sturdy
  • Decent weight limit
  • Tends to dent the walls

j/fit Deluxe Doorway Pull-Up Bar (with Comfort Grips) Review

best doorway pull up barWant something that takes virtually no space at all in storage that still has a lot of functionalities to it? Then a telescopic pull bar will be a great pick for you. This type of pull bar has lots of benefits to it including ease of installation, portability, and versatility. A good example of such would be the j/fit Deluxe Doorway Pull-Up Bar with Comfort Grips.

Designed to fit right inside the gap between your doorway, this exercise equipment is just an extendable bar that you pull on. It’s very easy to install as you just really need to pull it longer to secure the bar on the doorway. Unlike other telescopic pull bars, though, this j/fit product offers a good length. It can fit in doorways that are up to 40” wide, making it one of the longest in its category.

Installation is a breeze as well. You can opt to just pressure mount it by just extending the bar’s length very tightly against the door frame or use the mounting brackets that come in the package. These brackets cup the ends of the bar which will prevent it from slipping. You will, however, need to drill holes on your doorway to do this.

As for its performance, lots of users like the versatility it can offer. While you’re pretty much stuck on your doorway with this unit, it can still offer you a wide range of activities. Just adjusting its height will already let you do other things like dips and push ups.


  • Telescopic Pull Bar Design
  • Fits 26” to 40” Doorways
  • Steel Construction
  • Adjustable Comfort Grips
  • 250-lb Weight Limit
  • Screw in Brackets Included
  • Portable
  • Very versatile as it will also let you do push ups and dips with just some placement adjustment
  • Only extends in one end which makes it sturdier and stronger
  • Can be used with or without the brackets offering great versatility
  • Adjustable comfort grips ensure that you won’t have a hard time holding on to the bar
  • Pressure mounting can be ineffective in doors with slippery finishings

Titan Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up Chin Up Bar Review

wall mounted pull up barFor those who find ceiling mounted pull bars limiting and complicated to install, a wall mounted pull up bar might be a better pick. The Titan Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up Chin Up Bar is an excellent example of one and is actually highly commended not just by happy owners but by fitness publications as well.

With a 500-lb weight capacity, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t think that this Titan Fitness product is an excellent exercise equipment. It also has a 53” bar, so you can execute all sorts of routines without the bar limiting your movements. To top it all off, it also has a 1.25” bar diameter so it will provide a nice grip for most users.

In terms of versatility, you’re definitely guaranteed to get a lot out of this product. Aside from pull ups, it can also be used as a suspension point for other body weight training accessories.


  • Steel Construction
  • 1.25” Bar Diameter
  • 53” Bar Length
  • 500-lb Weight Limit
  • Versatile mounting options
  • Can be modified as a multiple-person pull up bar
  • Very heavy duty
  • Installation is pretty easy, especially if you’re pretty handy
  • Extremely stable and sturdy
  • Superb price
  • Hardware requires a separate purchase

Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull Up Bar with Four Grip Positions

Wall mounted pull up barFor a wall mounted pull up bar that you can use as is, the Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull Up Bar with Four Grip Positions is a solid choice. With its foam padding, you won’t have to worry about slipping or getting calluses on your hands with its use. You also don’t need to add any cushioning to make it easier to work with as well since it already has padding.

Offering additional comfort and versatility is its generous bar length. Measuring 42 inches, it can already match lots of users’ wingspreads. It also has multiple grip points so you can enjoy a variety of routines without any difficulties.

As for installation, this product is very easy to set up. However, you might want to use a set of high-quality lags rather than the ones included in the package. This way, it can be sturdier and do a better job in weight bearing.


  • Heavy-duty Steel Construction
  • 42” Bar Length
  • 4 Grip Positions with Foam Padding
  • 14” Wall Clearance
  • 300-lb Weight Limit
  • 3 different configurations allow a wide variety of routines
  • Very friendly price
  • Seriously sturdy
  • Comfortable grip
  • Solid construction
  • Easy to install
  • Generous bar width
  • Can still be a bit too close to the wall to do kipping pull ups
  • Mounting hardware can be improved

The Right Pull Up Bars can Make Your Workouts Better

As pull up bars will take all of your weight, you should definitely try your best to find the finest options in the market today. Our seven picks offer various choices that will suit different home conditions so you might be able to find one that suits your needs and requirements. All of these are guaranteed high-quality products, so if you want a quick solution to your home gym woes, these might just solve your problems in a jiffy.