Best Exercise Mat (Best 6 Workout Mats Review 2017)

best exercise mat reviewsFind the best exercise mat, and that is all the equipment that you need to get started on your home workout regimen. And while you are at it, you might as well stay comfortable. The floor is too cold! The floor is too hard! I will hurt my back! You know all the excuses that your brain churns up just so you can skip a workout session, no? Well, maybe it’s time to ensure that you do not make such excuses any more. How? By getting the best exercise mat for you.

The best way to ensure that you exercise consistently is to equip your home gym.

Sometimes it is not possible to go to the gym every day because of busy work schedules. Extreme weather may also interrupt your exercise regime in the gym. Many of the exercises you will do at home will require a good workout mat.

If you have been inactive for a while, it is advisable to start with simple exercises on a mat. In this review, you will learn how to choose the right mat for your home gym. The review compares six of the best exercise mats in the market.

BURGUNDY THICK GYMNASTIC MAT-Made of high density foam
-Easy to fold and store
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best work out matINCLINE FIT AND LONG YOGA/EXERCISE MAT-Long and thick
-Non-slip bottom
-Made of non toxic material
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best exercise mat reviewsBALANCEFROM PUZZLE EXERCISE MAT-Interlocking capability
-Made of water resistant material
-Non-slip surfaces on both sides
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best exercise mat for reviewsEVERLAST 2' X 6' FOLDING MAT-Extra long, thick and wide
-Doesn't have a rubbery smell
-Made of non-absorbent material
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best exercise mats for sit upsSUPERMATS HEAVY DUTY P.V.C MAT-Has no rubbery smell
-Made of heavy duty and durable PVC
-Dampens vibration and noise
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SPRI EXERCISE MAT-Surface doesn't sink under pressure
-Has a non-slip surface
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Features to look when choosing the best exercise mat

Choosing an exercise mat is easy when you know the features to look for when buying a workout mat. Following are the features to consider before buying a mat.

Intended use

The first consideration when looking for the best workout mat is the intended use. Some people prefer to have a specific mat for specific exercises. For instance, some mats are specifically designed for yoga. Yoga mats are the thinnest mats in the market. If you intend to do other exercises, you may want to consider a general-purpose mat.


Check the width and length of the exercise mat. The mat should be long and wide enough to accommodate your body height. You will not enjoy the exercises if the mat is too small for you. Your full body length should be on the mat regardless of the exercise.


The exercise mat’s material is perhaps the most important consideration. Always go for mats made of a long-lasting material. Also the surface should be smooth enough to keep you comfortable. However, the material should have anti-slip properties to enhance your safety when exercising.

Consider the effect of moisture on the mat as well. Go for a mat with a moisture-resistant material. If the mat absorbs all the moisture including your sweat, it will be hard to clean. However, note that the mat may be slippery if it does not absorb any moisture at all.


Will you be carrying your mat from one place to another?

If you are taking classes away from home, such as at your friends basement, you need an exercise mat that is easy to store and transport. You can roll up and strap most exercise mats. Some come with cases or carry bags for portability.

The best work out mat should have straps for transport and not a case. A case seems more convenient but it prevents airing when the mat is not in use. Lack of airing causes the mat to break easily and fast.


You need to keep your mat clean. Hence, you need a mat that is easy to clean. Always choose a mat that doesn’t have any special cleaning requirements. Some materials break when you use the wrong cleaning agents.


The thickness of the exercise mat and anti-slip properties determine your safety when exercising. If you intend to do intense workouts, go for the thickest mats or martial arts mats. Also, thick mats are the best for workout if you are plus size.

Reviews of the best workout mats

If you are shopping for an exercise mat, here is a review of the best exercise mats you can buy.

Burgundy New 2″ Thick Folding Panel – Best Exercise Mat Review

The 8-foot mat is made of high-density foam to keep you comfortable. The EPE foam is eco-friendly. You can do all types of floor exercises on this mat including crunches, pilates, and yoga.

The mat can fold to a quarter its size, which makes it easy to store and transport.

The exercise mat comes with a sewn-in handle as well for easy transportation. It is always advisable to carry your exercise mat to the gym or yoga classes. You can carry this mat every day to and from the work out room/venue.

The Burgundy exercise mat is made of non-absorbent PU leather, which is very easy to clean and maintain. Hence, you do not have to worry about the mat absorbing water from the floor or dripping sweat. However, working out on a wet or damp exercise mat is a health risk.

The mat is 2 inches thick and very firm. You will not hurt your feet, arms, or back with such a firm and thick foam. The thickness gives you freedom to move from one exercise to another without changing mats.

Each end of the mat has Velcro straps that make it the best workout mat. If you do exercises that require a large floor space, you can connect this mat to other mats. Hence, you can enjoy tumbling runs at home.

If you use the mat on a carpeted floor, you need to cautious when lifting it off the floor. The Velcro material tends to stick to fluffy materials. Lift the mat carefully from the sides to avoid ruining the handles.

  • The sewn-handle and straps make is easy to transport
  • It has a long-lasting vinyl cover
  • The material is easy to clean and non-absorbent
  • The exercise mat is made of high-density foam
  • It is easy to fold and store
  • The Velcro material sticks to carpeted floors and hence requires caution when folding
  • The loose covering may slip depending on the texture of the floor

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Incline Fit Extra Thick Exercise Mat Review

Incline Fit is the best buy if you want an extra long and thick exercise mat. The workout mat is 72 inches long, 24 inches wide and 0.5 inches thick. You can comfortably do any exercise on such a long and thick mat without hurting your back or feet.

The material is eco-friendly. It does not contain latex or phthalates.

One of the outstanding features of this mat is the non-slip bottom. The mat will stay in the same position on the floor as you exercise, which protects you from injuries.

In addition, the mat is made of moisture resistant material.

It features among the best exercise mats because it balances firmness and cushioning. It will mold as your body moves but it can withstand high pressure without indenting.

Although the mat is made of high-density foam for comfort, it is lightweight. You can move it from one place to another easily.

One important consideration when buying a mat is cleaning and maintenance requirements. The material used is easy to clean and wipe down.

Also, the material is durable, which means you can use the mat for several years before replacing it.

You can use this mat for all types of the exercises from gentle stretching to yoga, Pilates, sit-ups, and crunches. The mat is also recommended for physical therapy, daycare naps, meditation, and camping.

  • The mat is extra long and thick for safe floor exercises
  • Material is durable, easy to clean, and moisture resistant
  • It is made of non-toxic, eco-friendly material
  • It has a non-slip bottom
  • The exercise mat is light and easy to roll
  • It balances cushioning and firmness
  • It has a nylon elastic strap for easy transportation
  • The mat may be too thick for some floor exercises
  • The Incline Fit mats do not have interlocking technology for joining several mats together

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BalanceFrom Puzzle – One of the Best Work Out Mats

If you need an extra protective and supportive exercise mat, consider this BalanceFrom Puzzle mat.

The mat stands out from the rest because it has non-slip surfaces on both sides. Most mats have one non-slip side.

The material has moisture-resistant properties. Hence, you can clean the mat easily with soap and water.

The mat has inter-locking features that make it easy to assemble.

In addition, it is light and easy to store away after a workout session.

It is the best exercise mat because the texture of the surfaces protects your floor from damage.

This is the best exercise mat since it is noise-resistant and versatile. You can use in children’s playground, garage or home gym. The mat covers 24 square feet and is half an inch thick.

This work out mat comes in 6 tiles that are 24 inches by 24 inches wide and 12 end borders.

The high-quality and high-density EVA foam provides enough cushioning and support. Foam provides enough support for your spine, knees, hips, and elbows when working out on a hard surface.

Moreover, the foam does not contain any toxic phthalates. The exceptional resilience of this exercise mat enables you to balance your body perfectly in every exercise. The foam is sturdy and long lasting. You do not have to worry about replacing the mat in a few months.

  • This exercise mat is made of noise-resistant and water-resistant material
  • EVA foam provides enough cushioning and support
  • The inter-locking technology makes it easy to assemble
  • It has non-slip surfaces on both sides.
  • The mat is lightweight, which makes it easy to carry and store
  • The exercise mat is 0.5 inches thick. It may not provide enough cushioning for intense floor exercise
  • It may be risky for heavy athletes because of its width

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Everlast Folding Mat Review

The best workout mat should be wide and long enough for your body length. The Everlast exercise mat is 72 inches long by 24 inches wide, which is enough space for most athletes.

A non-absorbent exercise mat is recommended because it lasts long. This exercise mat has a non-absorbent shell that is easy to clean.

You can fold and carry it from it’s storage area to the home gym easily. The exercise mat comes with a sewn handle to enable you to transport it easily.

Bonded foam enhances your comfort when doing floor exercises. The shell is also comfortable and resilient. It can withstand the pressure of intense exercises. The exercise mat is about 4.3 inches thick, which is enough cushioning and support for you. It will provide good cushioning to your back when doing sit-ups and leg lifts.

The Everlast workout mat can be used for different purposes including providing a playground for your children. You can fold this mat once when storing to maintain its smooth surface.

One major complaint about exercise mats is that they have a rubbery smell that makes users uncomfortable for the first few weeks. Sometimes the smell does not go away. This forces many people to dump the smelly mats, thus incurring an extra cost. The Everlast exercise mat does not produce any irritating smell.

  • It is extra long, thick and wide
  • The mat is versatile and can be used for all types of floor exercise
  • It has sewn handles for easy transport
  • The mat has no rubbery smell
  • It provides enough cushioning and support because of its thick foam
  • The material is non-absorbent and durable
  • It has no inter-locking feature to enable you to join several mats
  • The material may tear up with prolonged ultra-violet exposure

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Supermats Heavy Duty P.V.C. Mat Review

You need to consider the effect of a mat on your floor when considering the best exercise mats. Some mats provide the best cushioning and all but leave permanent damages on your floor. You want to build your muscle strength and still maintain a polished surface in your indoor home gym.

The Supermats exercise mat is made of a durable and sturdy material with no damage effects on wooden and carpeted floors.

The material is easy to clean. You can just wipe the mat with a damp cloth and it is good to go for the next workout session.

With dimensions of 2.5 feet by 5 feet enable the mat to fit in any room. The small size is also convenient to carry to your gym or from one room to another.

This workout mat is made of heavy duty P.V.C, which can dampen vibrant and noises. Vibrations often cause wear and tear on exercise equipment. Supermats supplies mats for treadmills. However, the mats can also be used for aerobics and cross-country exercises.

Most rubber or PVC mats emit a strong rubber smell. This exercise mat is exceptional because it is made of a rubber material but do not have a rubbery smell.

  • The mat is made heavy-duty and durable PVC
  • The exercise mat does not damage the floor when in use
  • It is light in weight for easy transport
  • The mat is small enough to fit in any workout space
  • It can dampen vibrations and noise, which protects is from wear and tear
  • It has no rubbery smell
  • Dimensions are a bit smaller for taller athletes
  • The mat may not provide enough cushioning and a firm grip when doing intense workouts.
  • The surface is slippery when wet

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SPRI Exercise Mats – A Best Exercise Mat Review

Some people are specific about the color of their exercise mats. Luckily this lightweight exercise mat comes in black, red, and blue colors.

The mat is easy to roll up after your exercises and store. If you like to carry your own mat to the gym, which is highly recommended, this mat is ideal because it has a carrying handle.

The SPRI mat is 48 inches by 20 inches by 0.5 inches thick. The thick poly-foam will provide support and cushion when doing floor routines and exercises.

SPRI supplies high-quality products including exercise mats. This mat is made of non-slip spandex, which prevents it from bagging. You are assured that the mat will remain in position as you shift from one movement to another.

The mat is one of the series of SPRI exercise mats that have different dimensions and capacities. It is versatile, which makes it ideal for different uses. This mat remains firm and does not sink when you exert pressure on it.

Avoid exposing the mat to direct sunlight for long periods. Also avoid hanging it with the handles or folding it several times. The mat will wear away when not handled properly.

  • The exercise mat is lightweight and easy to store
  • It has a carrying handle for easy transportation
  • Its thick foam provides cushioning and support when doing floor exercises
  • It has a firm surface that does not sink under pressure
  • The exercise mat has a non-slip surface for safety during intense workouts
  • Width and length are small for tall athletes
  • The mat is half an inch and may not provide enough cushioning especially for heavy athletes
  • The exercise mat is not ideal for intense floor exercises

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Exercising at home has never been easier and more fun than it is now, especially with the best exercise mat readily available for you on Amazon.

The most important considerations as you have seen in this guide is durability and functionality.

With the information provided here, you should be able to buy a workout mat that will last you a long time.