Best Battle ropes to Buy |Reviews and Comparison 2018

best battle ropes to buyPerforming the same work out every other day can get boring, right?

I bet you have experienced this feeling in the past and even maybe failed to do a certain workout, such as running on a treadmill just because you felt you had had enough of it. This is why it is important to have substitute work outs.

How do battle ropes relate to all this?

Well, they provide great cardiovascular, HIIT and muscle building workouts.  Moreover your can do these types of workouts after your main work out, as part of a circuit or as the main workout of the day.

If you don’t have one, you’ll definitely need to know the best battle ropes to buy specific to your fitness goals.

But first, let’s learn about the different features of the ropes available in the market so that you can be able to make an informed decision when getting one.

Buyers Guide

What size battle ropes to buy?

Battle ropes’ sizes vary in diameter and length. There are two options for diameters, 1.5 inches and 2 inches. For length, there are 30, 40 and 50 feet options.


In deciding the appropriate diameter for your battle rope you will need to evaluate the intended workout, size of your grip and the strength of your hands. The 2-inch ropes will be ideal for someone with a huge grip, has a high amount of hand strength and someone who intends to use it for muscle building workouts.

On the other hand the 1.5-inch battle ropes would work best for a beginner, someone with a small grip and for the fluid motion workouts such as waves and pulls.  The assumption here is a beginner has a low level of hand strength, but not always the case.


For length options the space you have at your home gym or workout area and the intended workouts will be the key determinants. Considering the shortest ropes are 30 feet long, the shortest workout distance you will need is 20 feet. This should be an empty space, aside for the anchor point and the rope.

I bet you’re wondering, “How comes you need 20 feet space to use a 30 foot rope?”

The thing is, a single battle rope is mostly used with two hands. You hold the handles which are at the end points of the rope and you anchor the rope at its midpoint, which halves its length (to 15 feet).

This is part of the length of required space during a workout. In addition, you will need approximately 5 feet space for you to stand and hold the ropes comfortably.

For the intended workouts, long ropes work very well with fluid motion unlike the short ones. These workouts also tend to be done for a little longer than the muscle building workouts. Therefore, when the rope allows for fluid motion, you will need to maintain the grip for longer.

If you’re not able to pick the best option, then always choose the 1.5-inch diameter and the 50-foot length.

If you’re a beginner, you will be able to use this rope for a long time even as your level of fitness increases.

How much do battle ropes weigh?

Material, diameter and length determine the total weight of a battle rope. Materials used in manufacture of the ropes are nylon, Dacron, polypropylene and manila. At other times, more than one material many be used to manufacture the rope as well for example, polypropylene and Dacron is a common blend.

If we take the example of a manila rope, the 1.5-inch diameter one weighs slightly more than 0.5lbs for every foot. Therefore, a 30 foot rope will weigh about 15 lbs, the 40 foot rope will weigh about 20 lbs while the 50-foot one will weigh approximately 25 lbs.

The 2-inch ropes weigh about 35% more than the 1.5 ones.

How to anchor battle ropes

For you to use an anchor rope, you will need to have a fixed point, the anchor point, for the rope to pass through or around.

how to anchor battle ropes

Metallic anchor point

The anchor point could be a metallic piece with a big enough eyelet or loop for the rope to pass through and flanges for mounting on a wall.









how to secure battle ropes

Nylon battle rope anchor point

The second option is a  nylon anchor kit which which just requires a heavy object to wrap around. An example of such an object could be the foot of a leg press or any other machine, the foot of one of your heavy furniture or even the towing point of your vehicle.

If you work outdoors, such as in a park then you might not need to buy an anchor point. You could wrap the fitness rope around a tree or the foot of a bench as the anchor point.

If you do not have a good anchor point at the intended area of use, then you should consider getting a rope that comes with one. But you can also buy the anchor point separately or even make or improvise one yourself.

Battle ropes muscles worked

Battle ropes primarily work the upper body muscles. In addition, you also work your abdominals, back and glute muscles.

To put this into perspective, Jonathan Ross who is the American Council on Exercise‘s spokesperson refers to battle rope workouts as running using the upper body.

Do battle ropes build muscle?

Yes, battle rope training can help you build muscles, which is ideal if you do not appreciate the use of free weights and workout machines.

Actually since this kind of training includes varied movements, multiple muscles are targeted during a single workout. Some of the muscles that get worked, you might not even know they exist till when fatigue kicks in.

Area of use

Battle ropes can be used indoors or outdoors. Available space will determine what length of battle rope you choose.

In addition, it will determine the best material for your rope. For indoors, you will want a rope whose material does not fray and untidy your home gym with strands of the material. If outdoors, such as at the park you might not worry so much about lose strands.

The area of use is also important since it will determine the kind of an anchor point you can have. If outdoors and there is no concrete wall nearby, a wall mount anchor point would not work.

Best Battle Ropes to Buy – Reviews

Titan Poly-Dacron Battle Rope Review

battle ropes reviewsTitan Fitness have gone out of their way to provide the six battle rope choices. Therefore, if you want to equip a gym for your clients or just want to get the rope for your personal use, you will definitely find a size that suits your needs.

This is irrespective of whether you are a beginner in fitness or at an advanced level, or whether you want to do cardiovascular exercises or build muscle.

In addition to these choices there are also a number of like-able rope features, as discussed below.

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Does not fray

If you intend to use this  jump rope indoors, at home or at the gym, then this is a big feature for your consideration. You would not want rope fibers all over the floor after every workout. This would lead to a lot of untidiness and inconveniencing task of having to clean every now and then.

The use of poly-dacron material for the fabrication of this rope ensures the rope does not fray.

Water resistance

Water resistance is an important feature for a person who loves exercising out in the open, such as within the compound or at the park. Sometimes it will be drizzling and if using battle ropes during this time, then the ropes should not be affected by the rain water.

Being water resistant will make sure the ropes do not degrade over time due to getting wet. And, they will not get all soaked up and heavier than usual, which would lead to inhibiting your normal exercise routine.

Features and specifications

  • Ergonomic long and durable handles that enable you to have a firm grip of the battle ropes and hence can comfortably finish your routine.
  • Made using poly-Dacron material which does not fray during use and hence keeps your gym area clean and tidy.
  • The poly-Dacron material is water resistant and hence the rope is usable outdoors even in wet conditions.
  • Available in all six rope choices to suite your workout needs and preferences.

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Customer Reviews and Ratings

Titan Fitness have provided the six rope choices rather than just one size. This is good especially for people who work out together and would require different rope sizes.

Then this rope is quite versatile since it can be used both indoors and outdoors due to its features of not fraying and being water resistant. But what have the customers who purchased this product had to say? Let’s find out.

By the time of reviewing this product, more than 170 customers had purchased and reviewed the Titan battle rope. Here’s a few of the reviews.

One of the customers, Linda appreciated the ergonomic handles, which enable her maintain her grip throughout her routine, and the perfect length. She ordered the 30′, 1.5″.

Another customer, Moss, appreciates quality of the battle rope. He observes this after using the rope on concrete for five days and the rope was still in perfect condition. I’d love to know how the rope held up after a month or even six months of using it. Unfortunately, he hasn’t followed up with that yet. Maybe he will.

One customer, Ryan might have shot himself in the foot when he ordered the 30-foot option. He says wishes he had ordered the 40-foot one instead because the 30-foot one was neither heavy nor long enough for his liking. From this experience, it is best to get the longest rope you can get if you’re unsure of the correct size you need.

Final thoughts

The Titan Battle rope is worth having since it’s comfortable to use due to the ergonomic handles. You can also use it either when indoors or outdoors due to the fact that it does not fray and is water resistant. Also considering the customer ratings, it becomes very easy to recommend it to you.

Zeny Black Fitness Rope Review

best battle ropes to buySometimes you will want to work on your strength, other times gain some muscle and at other times you will just want some cardiovascular workout. You can achieve all this by using fitness ropes.

But there is a caveat.

The length and diameter of the rope will determine its practicality for a certain exercise. Therefore, if you target different goals then you might be required to get different ropes in terms of diameter and length.

And even with these dimensions being different, it might help to get products by the same manufacturer. This way you’d enjoy a similar weight distribution with all your ropes.

Zeny got all the six fitness rope options. Below are some features of the ropes.

You also can read more about these ropes and check their price on Amazon

High strength

The Zeny fitness rope is made of three strands of polydac material twisted together, increasing the strength a great deal. With this level of strength, you are sure the product will last for a long time without changing its length due to stretching.

Water resistant

Since this rope does not absorb water, it can be used in the outdoors during wet conditions without fear of degrading it or having it get soggy and hence heavier than usual. Increase in weight would negatively affect your workout.

Features and specifications

  • Very strong due to use of poly-Dacron material in its manufacture and twisting of three strands throughout its length. Hence it does not stretch and maintains its original length despite vigorous use.
  • It is water resistant and can be used outdoors even during wet conditions.
  • Available in black color.
  • Available in six sizes of 1.5″ and 2″ diameters and lengths of 30′, 40′ and 50′.
  • Heat shrinked at the ends to prevent fraying and damage of the rope.

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What the customers said and ratings

The three twisted strands of poly-dacron material provide the very much needed strength of the Zeny fitness rope. This feature ensures that that the material does not stretch and increase its length as it is used repeatedly.

But what have people who bought it already had to say about this battle rope? At the time of reviewing this rope, at least 200 customers had reviewed it. Actually, here’s a few of these customers’ opinions.

One of the customers reviewed this rope after four months of using it. The rope held up just fine even after being used for three to four times every week over the four month duration. The customer goes on to say that the rope actually did harm to his lawn. Consequently he had to start working out on the pavement. He also goes on to say how the rope size of 1.5″ and 50′ long was perfect for him and the workouts never hurt his knees like running used to.

Another customer appreciates how cheap the Zeny fitness rope is cheap yet it provides a great workout when used properly. The other features he appreciates are good packaging on delivery, light weight and quality handles. The light weight comes in handy for him because he now uses it with his wife and kids as well.

However, a few customers complained of how the rope felt stiff after unpacking it. One of the customers notes that the stiffness only reduces after using the product for a number of times.

Final thoughts

The strength, durability and availability of Zeny fitness rope in the six sizes makes it a good product to consider buying. It would serve you for both indoor and outdoor use. Moreover, more than 200 customers appreciate it as expressed in the reviews.

Power Guidance Battle Rope Review

best battle ropes to buyWhen you research and buy the best fitness rope you definitely want it to be durable and not have to replace it after a short while due to damage. The Power Guidance rope is such a long lasting product. It has a nylon sleeve along its entire length. This sleeve reduces friction and wear of the rope which is experienced during its use.

Also, if you’re looking for a rope that is generally heavier than most options in the market then this is your best bet. This fitness rope is heavier than others because it is made of a single material of Dacron rather than a blend of two materials.

Below are features of this fitness rope.

But in the meantime, you can read more and check the rope’s price on Amazon


A number of factors make the Power Guidance battle rope durable; use of 100% Dacron in its fabrication, provision of a nylon sleeve along the entire rope’s length and the 3-strand twist design. The Dacron material has the property of being durable and also being heavier than most other materials used to manufacture fitness ropes.

The nylon sleeve reduces friction on the rope strands and hence they do not wear out fast despite being ‘abused’ over and over again.

The 3-strand design makes this rope so strong that it does not stand a chance of stretching over time. If you had bought a short one, you will not end up with a longer rope after few months. Such an occurrence could even hinder use of the rope due to limited space.

Provision of an anchor

If you will be using this fitness rope where you don’t have an anchor point such as a pole or a tree, then you will need to set up one. This can be a great hassle and can delay your use of the rope by a number of days.

This rope comes with a wall mount anchor. You will just need to secure it on a wall and get started with your favorite battle rope workout routine.

Features and specifications

  • Made using 100% Dacron material making the rope heavier than other ropes of same length.
  • Covered with a nylon sleeve to increase durability.
  • Fabricated using the 3-strand design to increase strength and reduce chances of stretching.
  • Very comfortable due to 10-inch long heat shrink handles which enhance your grip throughout a workout.
  • Available in the three lengths of 30′, 40′ and 50′ and the two diameters of 1.5″ and 2″. Therefore both novices and pros can get a rope to work with.

Read more about the features and buy the rope at

What did the customers say? And Ratings

This rope comes across as a great product. First of all, the fact that it is built to be durable due to the material used, the fabrication design and a nylon sleeve cover. It is a product you want to have since you would not have to replace it any time soon due to wearing out.

The manufacturers, Power Guidance even go ahead and provide an anchor point to ensure you’re set to get started with your workouts as soon as the package arrives. But what did the customers think of the rope after buying and using it?

At the time of writing this review, more than 80 customers had reviewed the item with an an extremely high rating. Below we sample a few of the reviews.

One of the customers, a personal trainer, loved the rope so much that he had to buy a second one. He says he really loves the rope’s quality.

Another customer appreciates the nylon sleeve cover because it protects both the rope and floor of the his workout area. He also appreciates the speed of delivery to his address.

As mentioned, this rope is heavier than most others of the same size. Actually one customer found this out the hard way. On getting the Power Guidance conditioning rope, he found out that it was heavier than the one he was used to at his gym. Consequently was not able to do some of the workouts he was used to.

Final Thoughts

This has to be the best battle rope on this list. Its durability, the nylon sleeve and a free anchor point are some of the outstanding features of the product. Moreover, the extremely high customer rating speaks volumes on this product’s high quality.

However, keep in mind that this is a heavy rope and might not work well for you if you fitness level is low.

Iron Bull Strength Battle Rope Review

battle ropes reviewsThe red and black colors of this fitness rope are just appealing at first sight. They are vibrant and somehow, would psych me up for a workout. But visual appeal is not all that this product offers.

It ensures your comfort by providing an ergonomic and safe grip of the ropes with the heat shrinked handles. Therefore, the rope will not tend to escape your grip as you start to sweat during a workout.

The rope also comes with an anchor kit that does not require drilling of a wall for its use. You just need a heavy item or a fixed structure to wrap the double sewn nylon anchor. This structure could be indoors or outdoors.

Below we look at some of the features and specifications of this rope.

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Designed for rigorous use

IronBull Strength, manufacturers of this rope say they designed this rope to withstand the rigor of a ship yard. The rope is strong enough to be used every day for various exercises without wearing out.

anchor kit for battle ropesThe anchor point is one of the points that experience the most friction and hence there is an additional nylon sleeve to protect the rope.

Water and weather proof

The rope is both water and weather proof. This means it can be used outdoors even during adverse weather conditions. These conditions could be wet or even very dry. The good thing is, even when you use the rope in these conditions it will not degrade rapidly over time.

Features and specifications

  • Available in the six standard battle rope sizes.
  • Made of poly-dacron which makes is flexible and easy to use.
  • Has heat-shrinked handles for a good grip. This also prevents fraying.
  • A double sewn nylon anchor kit is provided for convenience of ensuring you get started using the rope as soon as you unbox it.

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Customer reviews and ratings

At the time of writing this review, at least 20 customers had purchased and reviewed this rope with an almost perfect rating. Here are some of the reviews.

One of the customers says he found the rope to be perfect for his needs. He adds that the included anchor kit was a good plus and he loves the overall quality of the rope.

Another customer, a fitness instructor for 30 years says that he never compromises on quality whenever he’s buying a product and The Iron Bull Battle Rope met his minimum quality requirement.

One of the customers did not appreciate, rightfully, the lack of instructions. However, he still notes that this was a good product.

Final Thoughts

The provision of an anchor point is a great bit of convenience. You don’t want to start figuring out how to anchor your rope for a work out. However, you will need to know where you will use the rope and a place to secure the anchor kit.

Also considering the good rating of this fitness rope, it definitely is worth buying.

NexPro Polydac Fitness Rope Review

best battle ropes to buyOne of the uses of a fitness rope is to increase one’s endurance because a rope helps increase your power and explosiveness. Actually, conditioning ropes started with mixed martial artists (MMA). Currently, they are used by both athletes in different sports as well as individuals who just want to increase their fitness level.

You can use a battle rope indoors or even outdoors such as at your compound because that is the one place you might have the required space for a workout. However, exercising in the outdoors might make your rope really dirty. Therefore, a dirt proof rope would be ideal. The NexPro conditioning rope is available in black color, which will look okay even with some dirt.

Below we look at some features of this rope.

And you can also read more about the rope and check its price here.

Made using Poly-Dacron material blend

Poly-Dac material blend makes the rope not fray, break or loosen/stretch over time. Fraying would be a terrible thing especially if you want to use the rope indoors. It would create a mess every time you use it. Breaking and stretching would reduce the rope’s quality and negatively affect your workouts.

Poly-Dac also provides a high level of flexibility that is needed in using conditioning ropes since most of the exercises require fluidity.

Comfortable grip

The edges of the NexPro conditioning rope are heatshrinked to work as your grips. This way, you are able to keep a tight grip throughout your workout.

In addition, these edges are protected from fraying or even having the strands losen.

Other features and specifications

  • The rope is available in the three standard lengths of 30′, 40′ and 50′.
  • The three strand twist design makes the rope very strong and hence it will not stretch over time and change its length.
  • A nylon sleeve is provided for use at the anchor point to reduce chances of wear and tear at this point.

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Customer Reviews and Ratings

At the time of reviewing the NexPro battle rope, more than 100 customers had purchased and reviewed it with an above average rating. Here’s some of the reviews by these customers.

One customer appreciated the strength and durability of the rope after using it for a while. He gave his thoughts on using the rope after having had it for a few months. He says the it was still intact after that duration.

Another customer loves how smooth yet strong the rope is. He expresses his pleasure at the rope’s quality. Then goes on to say how much he loves the rope’s handles, which do not feel like coming off easily.

One customer had the idea of using this rope for tug of war and it didn’t work very well because it was a little too heavy for his linking.

Final Thoughts

The fact that this rope is black making it dirt proof really impresses me especially for use while outdoors. If you hate seeing a dirty fitness rope, then this one will sort you out.


In determining the best battle ropes to buy you need to know your fitness goals and what workouts you will mainly take part in with the rope. You also need to have in mind of your grip size, the space you will have for purposes of the fitness rope workouts and if this space is indoors or outdoors.

In knowing the space you will be using, you will also know whether you need an anchor kit or you have an existing one already. And it will determine the maximum length of the rope you can use.

With this in mind, you will just have to pick one of the options above, pay for it and wait as it is delivered to your doorstep.